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i don't think i'll forget this experience soon. thank you for making this vignette <3


you're so welcome! i'm so happy you got something out of it <3


Short and to the point. As someone who has dealt with sh/si whatever you want to call it for 10+ years, this was accurate.  It was also put in a way that I think others can also get a glimpse into what it emotionally feels like. Awesome job!

thank you so much!


i was eating a lot of potato chip (sour cream) while playing this and they were really good thanks


WARNING: This gave me nausea and it made me feel bad

I don't know what the "sh" comments are all about, but alot of the praises certainly seem like people trying to bait others

Also, what the hell is wrong with ppl


Sh means self harm


i'm sorry that you got the wrong impression of the subject matter going in, what can i do to make it more clear?


this is about self harm (SH) and they did give a warning so plz note that if you dont have this dont make such a shitty comment. i depression and you making comments like this is bullshit so be aware that a lot of people dont need this

-Thank you


o-o srsly- do some research


#relatable ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


This was a really nice experience <3 it may be short but it was really nice still! as someone who struggles with this aswell, it awoke alot of emotions and memories in me, despite not having a clear meaning.

Thanks for this! <


i'm so glad you enjoyed it!!


this is so pretentious


definitely is! but i got a lot out of making it, and from what i can tell a lot of other people got something from it, too.


this is really beautifully done. as someone whos been dealing with sh for a long time now (and cant ever figure out how to describe I'm feeling), this resonates with me a lot

i hope you are able to recover well, creator <3 good luck out there


this game made my stomach drop, scary! cool game, I found it inspiring


i rlly love this


thanks! i'm glad you liked it <3


damn, so sort, but so powerful?
honestly its really sad


Loved it. It spoke to me and I wanted to thank you for making it.


thank you so much! i'm so glad you got something out of it! i hope you're doing well :)


im confused what happend bc i see alot and play alot of "suiside threats" and never any suiside sooo yh 3 star sry


it sounds like you might have come to this with the wrong expectations.

this isn't a suicide threat. this is about my experiences and thoughts about self-harm, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

maybe it isn't narratively satisfying to end without a firm conclusion, but this represents a small slice of my life in a really hard time, so it's not going to be wrapped up neatly with a bow. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


oh srry to hear tha


cant relate. . .


as someone who sh this is amazing i love how small it is and THE ART STYLE OMG, other then that honestly i could relate to every text that popped up, which is sad but this game is fucking amazing im so proud of you for making this i love it 


thank you so much! this means a lot! <3


is it supposed to restart after 3 areas? seems incredibly short, i also never encountered what i saw in the gif


it does indeed restart after 3 areas! it isn't meant to be very long. as for the gif, it's conditional dialogue that appears if you try to exit the first area without speaking to the figure on the left.

thank you for playing :)


Kinda confusing but I love the style <3


thank you !!


I didn't understand. Love the design tho


i'm glad you got something out of it !!